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Last Minute Gift Ideas: Lindsay Rempel Art, Heima Photography, Kinfolk

Trent Rollings

Lindsay Rempel Art

Our friend Lindsay is an incredible artist. Living just outside of Calgary, Alberta, she's surrounded by beauty that she captures on canvas with paint. But what she does with those paintings is something we adore: she takes these paintings and turns them into pieces of beauty that you can use in an ordinary day: as a runner on your table, a scarf around your neck, a blanket to wrap a newborn baby, or a pillow for your couch. The colors bring life to any room of your house (or outfit of your wardrobe!) and she sources her textiles intentionally and relationally, texting back and forth about business and family with her partners around the world. She ships from her Etsy site in 1-3 days, making this a great gift - that if you order soon - will make it just in time for Christmas. C

Photo credit: Lindsay Remple Art

Photo credit: Lindsay Remple Art

Heima Photography: Family Photo Session

Behind the camera (and editing screen) of Heima Photography, you'll find Breanne. A mom of two littles herself, she cherishes the opportunity to step into the sacred space of family and capture moments to cherish forever. Seeing sneak peaks of photos from Breanne's Instagram has made me realize the vulnerability and beauty of those first few months and how precious it is to invite a camera in to savor those memories. If you're looking for something to give to a new family, consider gifting them with a photo session with a local family photographer (we suggest Heima Photography if you're in the Calgary area). C

Photo credit: Heima Photography

Photo credit: Heima Photography

Kinfolk: Digital Subscription

If you're not a reader of Kinfolk, you may recognize the magazine from your local coffee shop or other design forward establishment. This is one of my favorite magazines these days and, while it may come across as pretentious, Kinfolk has some very practical articles for everyday life from a variety of sources and perspectives. This magazine has the unique ability to highlight the beauty and value of even the most mundane parts of life. A digital subscription can be a great gift to an avid reader, giving them complete access to all of Kinfolk's online material for one-year. And just for the holiday season they are offering one-year digital subscriptions at a 50% discount. T

That’s what I consider true generosity: You give your all, and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing.
— Simone de Beauvoir

ClickPack Pro, BCOZZY, Scott's Cheap Flights

Trent Rollings

ClickPack Pro

I don't often fund Kickstarter projects nor do I often purchase anything wearable online for fear that the item won't fit. The ClickPack Pro by Korin Design was a definite exception in both cases. Because we often travel to places where safety and security is questionable, I was intrigued by a backpack that is slash proof and lockable all the while being functional, stylish, and comfortable. After almost a year of waiting, I finally received my ClickPack Pro a few months back and have been in love with it ever since. Rather than listing out all of the features of this pack here, you will be better off watching this video about the backpack. T

Photo credit:  Korin Design

Photo credit: Korin Design


A while ago I put out a desperate Facebook post looking for recommendations on travel pillows. I had been searching high and low to find one that is comfortable while at the same time not being making me look totally ridiculous. A tall order to be sure! I find it facinating that we can put a man on the moon, but we haven't been able to make a functional and fashionable travel pillow. After lots of research, we settled on BCOZZY. While at first glance this travel pillow looks like any other wrap around pillow, there are a couple significant differences that set this travel pillow apart from the rest. The first is that they have made the area behind the neck more narrow, meaning that this pillow doesn't push your head forward. The second is that the front tips are a bit more narrow allowing you to stack them on top of each other providing additional chin support. We used this pillow on our last trip to Asia and found that, while it took a bit getting used to, it was very comfortable and dramatically increased the quality of our sleep while seated in economy. T

Photo credit:  BCOZZY

Photo credit: BCOZZY

Scott's Cheap Flights

This year has been our most travelled year to date, and with it, the potential to also be very expensive. That being said, we surprisingly haven't spent a lot of money on travel. This was partly because we played the points game and were able to get a lot of free travel. In addition to points, it has also been important to have a solid booking strategy. This has included using multiple booking sites; Expedia, Orbitz, Hotwire, Trivago, Google, and Momondo just to name a few. But by far, the biggest help in booking travel at a discount has been Scott's Cheap Flights, a regular e-newsletter that highlights sales and informs you when mistake fares are available. You can opt for either the free subscription or the premium subscription. The biggest difference between the two is frequency. Opting in to the premium subscription gives you access to more sales, more often, to more destinations. Having said that, I have found the free subscription to be more than adequate and I get e-mail notifications on sales almost daily. In addition to highlighting the sales, Scott's Cheap Flights tells you how to book them and how long each sale is expected to last. T 

Photo credit:  Orbitz

Photo credit: Orbitz

Traveling. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.
— Ibn Battuta

Seoul: R.About, Pizzeria D'Buzza, Common Ground

Trent Rollings


We’re in Seoul this week as volunteer for the World Barista Championship. We came a couple of days early so we could do some sightseeing which, of course, has a lot to do with coffee. A barista at the first shop we visited (more than less) recommended r.about coffee, just a walking distance from where we were. We walked around the block and down some wrong streets to come across a house with a sign out front which read, “Coffee first, think later.” We walked in and were immediately struck by the coziness of this old Korean hanok, converted into a coffee shop. We chatted with the baristas, who would also be at the WBC the next day with us, and they shared about their coffees. Upon sitting, my eyes were drawn to a hole in the wall next to the table and in the hole sat an old Walkman, the kind I had when I was a kid. Something about the nostalgia made me feel even more comfortable. The barista brought our coffee (an espresso for Trent and a piccolo latte for me) and while sipping slowly, I observed the perfect blend of the espresso and milk. Amazing location, delicious coffee, hospitable baristas. Worth a trip to Seoul for! C

DSCF9683 (1).jpg

Pizzeria D'Buzza

With lots of caffeine, we were eager for some protein. Taking a risk, we decided to wander through the streets in search of whatever caught our eye (and our ... stomachs). What resulted was delicious as well as inspiring. We came upon a pizza restaurant, Pizzeria D'Buzza, and both floated toward the door in agreement. My eyes danced across the menu until landing on one list of ingredients: prosciutto, walnuts, potato, and rosemary. While usually Trent and I play the “you go first” game when ordering together, but this time I spoke with certainty: gimme the rosemary. We eagerly waited and watched other delicious pizzas being delivered to tables before the waitress placed before us a feast. The soft and chewy crust was baked with a buttery glaze and the prosciutto was sliced so thin, you could see straight through it. The potato was mashed and the walnuts added crunch and the rosemary made the whole thing taste like Christmas. We recommend this restaurant wholeheartedly, and we also recommend you try out making this pizza for yourself; we're going to give it a try! (Note: Of course we also ate a lot of incredible Korean food over the week. Our best suggestion is to find a restaurant without an English menu. Point. Smile. Eat with gladness. Also: don't wait for the server to pick up your bill; go pay at the counter.) C

DSCF9724 (1).jpg

Common Ground

It isn't uncommon to see shipping containers used in architecture these days. Both Christine and I have been intrigued by the shipping container home concept and might possibly build one of our own someday. You'll understand our delight then when we came across Common Ground, a trendy shopping mall made entirely out of shipping containers. 200 to be exact. That makes it the world's largest pop-up shipping container mall. Pretty impressive to be sure! In true Korean fashion, much effort was expended to make all areas of Common Ground aesthetically beautiful. But more than a beautiful space, the mall houses a plethora of shops selling interesting finds being sold by small-business entrepreneurs. I even came across a shop that sells larger sized clothes for us western body types. The prices tend to be pretty affordable as well. And when you get hungry, make your way up to the third floor where you will find a varied plethora of restaurants and cafes. So if you're in Seoul and find yourself looking for a great place to shop or a unique date spot, consider popping over to a Common Ground. It's extremely accessible, only a 5-minute walk from the Konkuk University metro station. T

하늘이 무너져도 솟아날 구멍이 있다. | Even when the sky falls, there is a hole to fly out of.
— Korean Proverb