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Hey there! We’re Trent and Christine Rollings and we like stuff. 

No, no, not the kind of stuff that you pack into your closet until it’s nearly falling off the shelves and you have to force your shoulder into the door in order to make it close.

Our current collection of stuff weighs almost exactly 300 pounds and is dispersed between four suitcases and two boxes. At the moment, we’re using my dad’s coffee grinder and burning my mom’s candles. 

(I found a box of candles in my parents' basement - candles she’s been given and bought over the past ten years and never, ever burned. We’re not like that, though. We burn our candles. I used to save my candles too until I learned that it’s better to use the stuff you have than, well, let it sit in a box for ten years.)

We like the kind of stuff that has purpose and meaning. We like how some stuff makes our lives easier and some stuff gives our hearts delight. Some stuff can do both while also making sure that the people who worked hard to make the stuff are getting what they deserve. 

We both get excited about things that delight us and make our lives easier. (Though “excited” looks much different on each of us - I may throw my hands in the air and do a small dance to tell you about my favorite candle scent. But Trent, well, he will smile and nod.) We love researching new products, testing new tastes, and trying new things. But even more than that, we love sharing about it with our friends, which is what brought us to start this blog. 

Currently, that 300 pounds of stuff and our 18 pound pug is spread between our two families. Trent is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada (and he doesn’t say “eh” as much as you might expect) and I’m from New Haven, Connecticut (and yes, it’s the birthplace as the hamburger and I’m sticking to that story). - C