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Sprudge, Chase Sapphire, Your Local Library

Trent Rollings


I’ll take an almond cinnamon dolce latte on a road trip every once in a while. That’s the beauty of Starbucks - you know that no matter where you are (no matter what country you’re in, really), their taste is consistent. But what about when you want to support the local shops as you’re passing though? You get to experience the specific city vibe and get your quality roasted coffee while you’re at it. When we are visiting a new place, is our connection to speciality coffee shops. Search the city you’re looking for in their search bar and it will give you a list of articles or shops with suggestions of new cafes to try. We trust their opinion and reviews - and to date, they haven’t led us wrong! In fact, they’ve even given us a heads up for new shops in our own home towns. C

Photo credit:  Bluestone Lane

Photo credit: Bluestone Lane

Chase Sapphire Reserve

If you have hung out with us recently and the topic of credit cards or travel points has come up, I have most likely proceeded to talk your ear off about the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card. The reason being, this card has some amazing travel benefits if you find yourself on the road or in the air a lot and can save you lot of money. Now a quick disclaimer, this card has an annual fee of $450, but please keep reading on. They start you off with a sign-up bonus of 50,000 points (after you spend $4,000 in the first three months of having the card.) That's $750 worth of travel when you book through Chase's online travel booking portal. They also give you at $300 travel credit for each year that you have the card. That already takes a big bite out of the annual fee. As a card holder, you also get a $100 towards a TSA-Precheck or Global Entry membership, saving you time and stress when you travel. Furthermore, you are given 3 points for each dollar you spend on travel and eating out, meaning that the miles can build up quickly. But for us, by far our favorite feature of this card is the Priority Pass membership that you get for each cardholder. This gets you unlimited access to Priority Pass's network of airport lounges, regardless of your airline or class of travel. This has already saved us so much money when we travel since food comes included with the lounge access and it just makes air travel so much more delightful in general and is worth of $400 alone per Priority Pass card. T

Photo credit:  Quartz Media

Photo credit: Quartz Media

Your Local Library

I love books. As we travel a lot, books can take up the most weight and while I long for a Belle-style library (sliding ladders and all), it’s not possible in this season of our lives. One of the things I love about staying with my parents in their small town is the local library. And even though this small town library doesn’t have long aisles of books, we can still order what we want from other libraries and have them sent for us in our small one. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the library’s online presence has grown so much that I can read books online just by my library card number! That card will surely fit in my suitcase. So if you’re a book lover like me, and in a place that has such a magical resource, don’t forget to take advantage of it! C

Photo credit:  Fortune

Photo credit: Fortune

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