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It's cold and flu season and everyone's best practices are going around the internet and occupying many conversations. How do you boost your immune system? On the one hand, I can see my own cold as a reminder to slow down and get the rest I need. On the other hand, I got stuff to do! This year, I'm loving tumeric. One of my favourite feel-better go to drinks is the Golden Latte. It's warm, soothing, and boosts your immune system. I've only tried it with coconut milk, which added to the delicious flavour. If you're not a warm-beverage person (where did you even come from?), many juice stores sell "tumeric shots" which boost your system with a small, cold drink. You can also add the spice into your dishes! Tumeric is the spice that gives curry it's color and I've also added a pinch to homemade granola, which added a delightful zest.  C

Photo credit:  M  edical News Today

Photo credit: Medical News Today

Reply All

If you've ever asked me for a podcast recommendation, you know about this one. The origin of my love for this podcast goes back to the first few months of our marriage as we road tripped a couple of times back and forth through the Rocky Mountains. We binged. Once caught up, I have spent the past three years eagerly waiting week by week for the next episode, listening on the train in Manila, in Uber rides through the city, and on those nights that I just can't get to sleep. PJ and Alex, the hosts of the show have been my faithful friends (they just don't know it). The stories of the show all revolve, in some way, about the internet and technology. I've learned about how the internet started, how to protect myself from phishing, and about more memes and tweets than I would have known about otherwise. If I were you, I'd start at the beginning. But here are a few of more recent personal favorites: #50 The Cathedral, #98 The Fog of Covfefe, and #102 Long DistanceC

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I love sending mail. I love getting mail. We're in a season now without a car and getting to the store and then the post office is a bit tricky and just takes more planing. But this week I did a quick search on how to send cards online (I'd heard it was possible but never tried!). That's how I found Postable. I found the perfect card, wrote out my own message and chose the font and when I got to the checkout, I wondered if the price would be more than I was willing to pay. But no! It was $3.50 for the card and an additional 50 cents for postage. It's the same I would have paid for a card at the store. The card are all designed by artists, most of them have a hand-drawn look. I just sent my first one, and if it works I'll use this service more no matter where we live! Sign up and get your first card for $1.00.  C

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The color of springtime is in the flowers; the color of winter is in the imagination.
— Terri Guillemets