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Trent Rollings


I sat on our hotel bed in downtown Washington D.C. It was the perfect morning: sleeping in, take-out coffee from down the street, and bra shopping. Online. From the comfort of the bed. I had been admiring these bras for weeks and found a discount code. Two bras for $55. Minus $10. Free shipping over $40. Two bras for $45 and I'm hoping this works because buying bras online is RISKY. That was six months ago and I knew that if it worked and if they were awesome and comfortable and durable, I'd sing the praises of this company for years. Well, here I am. My song for you is this - comfortable, soft, affordable, AND my all-day bra has a hook that converts the classic strap to a racerback. They sent me this bralette pictured below in exchange for an honest review and I'm glad to do it. Not only that, but now I can share with you a discount code like the one I used! Get your $10 off shopping using the code AMB-christinetinelizabeth at checkout.  C


Katie Does Marketing 

Instagram has algorithms that change regularly (if you didn't know that Instagram had algorithms, keep reading. You need this.). Comments on your photos and messages from your stories all go into how often your picture shows up on your friends' or clients' feed. These are things I didn't know or understand until I started following Katie on Instagram. She's a marketing consultant who helps businesses (big and small) develop and understand their social media engagement and impact. Personally, I think she's a really cool person and she's one of the only IG stories that I'll turn my volume on for (I'm not even over-exaggerating). While you can hire her to help you up your game online, she also offers free advice and helpful hints through her blog and Instagram! Don't know where to start? Take this quiz on her website to see where you already shine on social media, and she'll send you tips to help you grow in other areas. C

Photo credit:  Katie Does Marketing

Photo credit: Katie Does Marketing

JNP Coffee

We met Jeanine because we needed to borrow an aroma kit to study for a coffee exam. What we got was not only use of her kit, but she also helped us study the aromas found in coffee and she share parts of her story as a green coffee buyer. Jeanine owns JNP Coffee, a company that produces, promotes, and trades African Speciality Coffee. They work specifically in Jeanine's home country of Burundi, producing an excellent product of coffee and supporting women farmers in those communities. As a part of the International Women's Coffee Alliance, JNP empowers women and their communities. Not only can you learn more on their website, but you can buy JPN's Burundi coffee from Acoustic Java (roasted in Worcester, MA) and have it delivered to your front door!  C

Photo credit:  JNP Coffee

Photo credit: JNP Coffee

Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.
— Sara Blakely